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For your individual physical preparation in Birmingham, choose excellence by entrusting your sports goals to Roro! A former French rugby player, it was during his career that he launched his coaching business in 2013. It was in a completely different sport that Roro built an unshakable reputation. He had his first experience as a high-level physical trainer in 2018 when he was in charge of a French international footballer during the World Cup. Following this collaboration, the footballer became a World Champion. Since then, he has continued to support international athletes, both beginners and seasoned, from all sports in Birmingham and across Europe.

Regardless of your level and your sport, each of his individual physical preparations begins with a series of specific and useful physical tests tailored to your activity. With these tests, you’ll know your starting point and track your progress to become physically better. This is achieved through customized sessions designed specifically for you. Roro is also the creator of a unique concept in the world of football !

A unique strength and conditioning concept in Birmingham !

An incredible method in Birmingham to assess one’s physical qualities and compete with high-level footballers! Bringing together a database of over 150 physical results from professional footballers (Premier League & Championship or equivalent), discover your athletic level, quality by quality. This concept takes the form of a FIFA card allowing you to track your progression and compare your current level. All tests to be performed are scientifically validated. A designer takes care of customizing your card according to your profile (your position, your club logo, your name & your photo) and your scores obtained. Scores range from 0 to 99. The closer you get to 99, the closer you are to the record among footballers ! You will then receive your personalized printed card! Following this work, Roro will perfectly know your strengths and weaknesses and will carry out a personalized physical preparation to help you become a better athlete, and in this case, a better footballer. Ready to measure yourself against the best footballers in Birmingham ?


  • You are a professional or amateur football player and you want to:
    • Identify what you need to reach the next level and aim for the very top.
    • Know your current level and then undergo physical preparation to quantify your progress.
    • Measure / compare yourself against very high-level footballers and international athletes from other sports.
  • You are a sports club and you want to:
    • Create team cohesion through the excitement generated by this tool.
    • Offer your players a fun and innovative working method composed of +15 scientifically validated tests.
    • Benefit from an overall visual of the strengths and weaknesses of each of your players and know the general fitness level of your group.

We evaluate only your physical qualities. With +15 scientifically validated tests, measure yourself against the performances of +150 professional footballers (from Internationals to Ligue 2). You will know your level in:

Strength - Endurance
Speed - Jumping
Acceleration - Flexibility
Power - Anthropometry

No. The "Roro Ultimate Team" concept only assesses your physical qualities. To be a high-level footballer, you need to have technical skills (dribbling, control, passing, shooting...), game intelligence (vision, positioning, marking, discipline...), and of course: physical qualities. While physical attributes play a crucial role, it's the combination of these qualities that will make you a better footballer.

Let's take some examples:

K. Benzema, E. Haaland, C. Ronaldo are among the best players in the world. They rely on significant physical qualities to make differences. These three players would score very well in this concept!
However, if we take the case of Messi and compare him to these three athletes: Messi wouldn't score well in this concept. We are sure he wouldn't exceed 45. But this doesn't prevent him from being one of the best players in the world! Indeed, Messi doesn't play in the same style as these three players. He stands out for his technical qualities that are well above average, compensating for his lack of physical attributes.
Regardless of your playing style, our mission as a physical trainer is to develop your physical qualities. And believe us: you will succeed!

Our coaching sessions are primarily focused 60% on injury prevention and 40% on physical development. Before thinking about performance, one must think about longevity! Keeping your physical integrity intact and minimizing the risk of injury is Roro's priority.

Only one obsession haunts Roro: result, result, RESULT!

In France, here is our slogan : pas de chichi... QUE DU RORO ! (no frills... ALL ABOUT RORO!) His sole goal is to help you reach a higher level through physical and mental preparation. It won't be easy, but Roro will perfectly balance the volume and intensity of your club sessions with those of your individual preparation sessions. Recognized in the world of football and rugby, he fully understands the demands of all sports and the level needed to help you progress. First and foremost, an assessment of all your physical qualities will be established through scientifically validated tests. Nothing will be left to chance thereafter. His method has proven itself, as many athletes from various sports he supports are now considered global benchmarks.

Roro's word: "Through scientifically recognized training methods and testings (physiological, neuromuscular...), I make my athletes faster (change of directions, pure speed, agility...), more enduring, more powerful, stronger. But I don't make my players more technical. If you think dribbling around cones will help you beat the best defenders in Ligue 1: You've come to the wrong place. Everything we do is quantified: In seconds, in watts, in kilograms, in meters. Maybe even in centimeters! Nothing is left to chance, and all our work will be measurable by numbers so you can see your progress.
If you are mature, ready to step out of your comfort zone while doing things intelligently to avoid injury and become better than yesterday through very detailed monitoring: You are welcome.
Here, "pas de chichi : QUE DU RORO !"  and I can assure you, it will pay off."

This concept is the result of 3 years of research. Our scales and tests are highly reliable. However, all of this remains applied to football. However, some professional athletes from other sports have participated and validated it! This is the case with Thibaut REGARD & Baptiste COUILLOUD (International Rugby Players) or Lucas HEUZE (International Crossfitter).

If you are an athlete from another sport, our logic remains the same: We select the best tests specific to your activity. (Example: An endurance test cannot be the same between a footballer and a basketball player) and we offer you the same quality of performance monitoring to help you become a better athlete. However, at the time of writing these few lines, we do not have a large database to assign a score to your performances and put it in the format of a FIFA card.

Discover the certified and authentic reviews from the French athletes.

Eloïse Poizat
Eloïse Poizat
24. Mai, 2023.
J'ai commencé un coaching avec Roro sur les conseils de mon ami qui l'avait vu passer en interview à la télévision. Je suis plus que ravie de cette expérience qui m'a permis de reprendre le goût de l'activité physique (on partait de loin !). Roro me propose à chaque fois des séances adaptées à mon niveau et mes besoins. Et les scéances ne se ressemblent pas donc on ne se lasse pas. Autres détails qui ont leur importance tout de même, sa ponctualité et sa bonne humeur. Déjà de bons résultats en 2 mois ==> perte de poids, meilleure routine de vie et mental. Hâte de voir la suite👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Côme Dolbeau
Côme Dolbeau
22. Mai, 2023.
J'ai contacté Roro après l'avoir vu à la télévision. Je cherchais quelqu'un pour m'aider à retrouver le plaisir de l'effort et me motiver à me dépasser. Bientôt 3 mois qu'il me coache et je suis très satisfait. Il s'est adapté à mon niveau et me propose des exercices sur mesure. J'ai repris plaisir à avoir une activité physique et ai perdu quelques kilos au passage
touffec dahamna
touffec dahamna
14. Mars, 2023.
Une rencontre très agréable avec un coach professionnel à Lyon et à l'écoute afin d'atteindre des objectifs réalistes. De très bons conseils et vigilant sur les postures. Merci Roro 🏋️‍♂️
Auxane Chauveau
Auxane Chauveau
2. Mars, 2023.
J'ai commencé le coaching avec Roro en aout 2019, 4 mois après ma grossesse ayant pour objectif une perte de poids. Très professionnel, il s'est assuré avant que nous commencions, si j'avais bien eu une rééducation du périnée. Il y a une pesée mensuelle afin de voir mon évolution (masse graisseuse, masse musculaire). et attention, si pas d'évolution gare aux Burpees ! Nous nous voyons à hauteur d'une séance par semaine et cela reste suffisant ainsi, j'ai pu perdre un peu moins d'une quinzaine de kilos en association avec un rééquilibrage alimentaire. Aucune séance ne se ressemble donc aucune lassitude! J'ai continué à voir Roro pendant ma deuxième grossesse jusqu'à 8 mois (avec accord médical), cela m'a permis de rester en conditions suffisante et de limiter la prise de poids! Nous nous sommes revus 1 an après ma deuxième grossesse toujours pour le même objectif de perte de poids. La reprise s'est fait en douceur et c'est top. Roro essaie d'être disponible un maximum pour avoir un créneau qui convient pour chacun de ses élèves et est toujours ponctuel.
Amandine Le Brasseur
Amandine Le Brasseur
4. Janvier, 2023.
J’ai eu la chance d’avoir recours aux coaching pour une durée de 4 mois durant lesquels j’ai pu reprendre goût au sport. J’ai contacté Roro pour une remise en forme et perte de poids. Ce qui à parfaitement a parfaitement été réalisé, avec des effets visibles. Les séances sont intelligemment construites, adaptées à notre niveau et m’ont dans mon cas permis de m’améliorer et atteindre mes objectifs. Roro a été un coach bienveillant, avec toujours de bons conseils et qui à été amplement supérieur à mes attentes. C’était un plaisir de me rendre à ses coachings. J’ai malheureusement dû mettre fin aux séances pour des raisons professionnelles, mais j’aurais apprécié continuer la pratique du sport avec lui. Je recommande vivement!
Grégory Bayles
Grégory Bayles
31. Décembre, 2022.
Voilà maintenant 3 mois que je pratique du sport avec l'aide du Coach Roro et j'en suis complètement satisfait. Roro est un coach très humain; qui sait ce qu'il fait; qui est très pro et qui a une belle philosophie. Il comprend nos besoins et fait tout pour y parvenir mais en faisant attention à notre corps. Franchement; j'avais eu du mal à me lancer avec un coach mais en même temps j'en avais aussi besoin et pour le coup je ne regrette pas avoir demandé les services de Roro qui s'est montré très spontané; dispo et à l'écoute. C'est avec une bonne surprise que je finis l'année 2022 et avec une réel envie de travailler avec Roro cette année 2023.
Zinka Zaric
Zinka Zaric
29. Novembre, 2022.
Après 7 mois de coaching avec Roro voici mon petit retour : Sa bienveillance et sa positivité vous pousse à vous dépasser même quand vous n’êtes pas de nature très sportive. Les séances sont variées et adaptées à votre niveau, ce qui permet de ne pas se lasser! Je me rendue à toutes mes séances avec entrain! (C’est qui est extraordinaire). En bref, on adore le coach Roro.
nesrine zidani
nesrine zidani
7. Septembre, 2022.
Après plusieurs mois passés en compagnie de Roro, l'aventure s'achève. Néanmoins, je tenais à témoigner pour valoriser ses compétences et sa gentillesse. Roro est une personne très humaine qui sait être à l'écoute de ses aspirants sportifs. Il a à cœur de mettre en œuvre tout son savoir et ses compétences au service de la satisfaction de ses clients. Grâce à lui, j'ai pu reprendre confiance en ma capacité à faire du sport et surtout retrouver le goût de l'effort. Les séances sont adaptées en fonction de nos objectifs, et sont toujours différentes, ce qui témoigne de sa volonté de nous apporter un accompagnement sportif complet et de qualité, adapté et réajusté en fonction de notre niveau. Si comme moi, vous n'avez jamais auparavant passé le cap de solliciter les services d'un coach sportif, n'hésitez pas, Roro est la personne qu'il vous faut. Alors bonne chance à vous tous et vive le sport ! Nesrine.
Laurène ICART
Laurène ICART
26. Août, 2022.
Le meilleur rendez-vous de la semaine, c'est la séance de sport avec Roro ! Très professionnel, à l'écoute, dymamique, il a su me remotiver à faire du sport et à me faire prendre plaisir à me dépasser. Je sens une meilleure condition physique et une meilleure confiance en moi physiquement ! Merci encore Roro pour ces supers bons moments 😁



Here are some names of international athletes that he coaches:

They are international athletes representing their countries at the highest level or in youth selections. They have authorized us to communicate about our collaboration. Whether it's for rehabilitation after injury or for additional training with their club, discover some of the international athletes that Roro coaches:

● Delphine CASCARINO (Football – Olympique Lyonnais – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Aurélien TCHOUAMENI (Football – Real Madrid – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Yann M'VILA (Football – Olympiakos – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Karim et Raouf GASMI (Handball – Arbitres – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Castello LUKEBA (Football – RB Leipzig – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Zoé MARAS (Tennis paraplégique – 28ème mondiale – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Estelle CASCARINO (Football – Paris Saint Germain – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Lucas HEUZÉ (Crossfit – N°3 Mondial (Équipe) et 40ème Mondial (Indiv.) – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Baptiste COUILLOUD (Rugby – LOU Rugby – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Mamadou SARR (Football – Olympique Lyonnais – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Bénie TRAORE (Football – Sheffield United – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Roméo AMANE (Football – Häcken – Découvrez sa fiche)
● Jules BERRIAU (Handball - Nantes – Découvrez sa fiche )
● Perle MORRONI (Football – Montpellier HSC  – Découvrez sa fiche)

Clubs and athletes do not hesitate to call upon Roro to come to their homes but also to their vacation spots because they are assured of satisfaction.

1- DISCRETION: One of his qualities and key principles when working with athletes or media personalities is: discretion. It is not uncommon for some top athletes to prefer that their collaboration not be disclosed to avoid any prejudice in their club. If this is your wish, it is entirely possible to sign a confidentiality clause to guarantee and protect your interests.

2- QUALITY ASSURANCE: All the athletes he has worked with for individual preparation have seen their careers take a different turn. The most talented have become World Football Champions, others have joined the French youth teams regardless of the sport... All the athletes he has had the chance to collaborate with have achieved results.

3- EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: More than 10 years of experience and globally recognized diplomas! He pursued a university education by joining the Faculty of Sports. He prioritized extensive studies, earning a Master's degree and obtaining a European Diploma in Physical Preparation to have a scientifically sound background to provide his athletes with the best knowledge and help them achieve their goals safely, without risks or injury! More than 40 professional athletes from all walks of life trust him.

For professional athletes preferring to travel to Roro's residence : We can offer you an all-inclusive package (accommodation + training).

❐ Previous Experiences:
Messina Football (Italy – Serie D – Professional)
Season 2020/2021
ASVEL Rugby (U19 Nat + Federal 1 – Professional)
Season 2013 to 2021
Rugby Club Orléans (Training center / Federal 1 – Professional)
Season 2011/2012

❐ Current Experiences:
⇒ Founder of his company: Roro Coaching – Since 2013
⇒ Head of physical preparation – Saint Priest Rugby – Since 2018 – (Federal 2 – Semi Pro)

❐ Achievements as a physical trainer:
– Italian Champion and promotion to Serie C – Football
– 3 qualifications in the French championship – Rugby

❐ Education:
– Master's Degree – Physical/Mental Preparation and Re-athleticism
– European Diploma – Physical Preparation
– Bachelor's Degree – STAPS (Sport Training Sciences) – Rugby Coaching Option
- Certification – Mental Preparation
– Associate's Degree – STAPS – Sport Training
– Federal Weightlifting Diploma (French Federation) – Level 1
Additional training: Kettlebell and Suspension Strap

Roro only travels for 2 reasons:
- Physical preparation for professional athletes
- Unusual projects: Accompanying a public figure (actor, politician...) for a physical transformation - Seminar - Training - Team Building ...


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Birmingham city :

Birmingham, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, boasts a lively sports scene that captivates both locals and visitors alike. With a plethora of sporting facilities and a passionate community of athletes and fans, the city offers a diverse range of sporting activities to suit every taste. Football holds a special place in Birmingham’s heart, with the city being home to two prominent football clubs: Aston Villa and Birmingham City FC. These clubs have a storied history and fiercely loyal fan bases, contributing to the city’s footballing legacy. The local derbies between these teams often stir up intense rivalries and electrify the city with excitement. Cricket also enjoys a strong presence in Birmingham, with Edgbaston Cricket Ground serving as a prestigious venue for international matches. The ground has hosted numerous memorable cricketing moments and continues to attract cricket enthusiasts from around the world. Furthermore, Birmingham embraces a variety of other sports, including rugby, athletics, basketball, and more. The city boasts state-of-the-art sports facilities, such as the Alexander Stadium and the Barclaycard Arena, which regularly host major sporting events and tournaments. Moreover, Birmingham’s commitment to sports development is evident through its grassroots initiatives and community programs aimed at encouraging participation and fostering talent from a young age. These efforts have helped nurture aspiring athletes and promote a culture of health and wellness throughout the city. In summary, Birmingham’s sports scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with the passion and dedication of its athletes, teams, and supporters. From football to cricket and beyond, the city’s diverse array of sporting opportunities reflects its dynamic spirit and unwavering enthusiasm for sportsmanship and competition.